Ali Murat Karaaslan

Ali Murat Karaaslan

/ Musician, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Vocalist

Ali Murat was born in New York City, USA. Later on, he and his family moved to their home town Istanbul, Turkey, where he concluded his primary to high school education.

His interest in music grew from his childhood. He experimented with his household classic flamenco then moved on to his ultimate expression Heavy Metal. To bring his ideas to life, he studied electric guitar and classical vocal performance techniques.

After his primal education, he pursued his bachelors degree on music back in USA. His education continued in two cities as he transferred from Chicago to New York, where he indulged himself in choirs, musicals, vocal jazz bands, and obviously, rock bands. During all these times, he composed, wrote, and performed his own materials of expression.

He now resides once again in Istanbul, Turkey, and studies in Bilgi University, striving all along to expand musical horizons with his own soon to be released compositions. After he met Selim Yeniceri in late 2016, he joined Selim Yeniceri’s live band Angel Force as second lead guitarist, and his long waited projects are to be released by SaySaga Studio soon.