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You’re about to market yourself. Take a break and spend a little time to memorialize your blogs, Tweets, and images, as well as virtually every website you visit like Facebook and Google plus. Oh! Don’t forget to Share, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, G+, or Pinterest! Here are my 4 Featured Boards, as they scroll across my main page:

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational


My Main Pinterest Board.  Pinterest allows you to ‘feature’ several Boards that rotate across the top of your main Page. We like to gift Pinterest Boards; examples here are to Twitter’s @JETAR9 and @StanfordMedX. SaySaga Inspirational has 107 Pins & a separate identity on it’s own, too. So we Share across two Boards. And of course, The Rebel Patient has her very own Board!

Social media is all about Sharing & Hitting the LINKS = Conversions!

Already it’s nearing the end of February and you can do something new to put yourself and your passions forward! Let’s think about it a little, as Pinterest is a steadfast social media tool for women, bloggers, and purchasing products! The creators prefer to emphasize this selling capability, saying that Pinterest serves as a unique, online catalogue.

You already use Instagram and/or Twitter, right? You need to Pin! Why? It’s another way to expand what you are already doing. And “Share your Board!” Pinterest is a group effort and we want you to Join our group, too.

From Twitter to Pinterest in 5 Steps

1. Join Pinterest. Go to now and just Join us there! Select the name of your Board – start out by using your actual Twitter user name; ours is @SaySagaInspire. This allows you to ‘keep branding’ yourself with uniformity (you’ll only hear this great advice here).

To get started, do a Google or Yahoo Search on your own name or brand, and note the number of hits on the 1st page and the number of seconds the Search took. Prove to yourself that your social media presence is about to expand!

And you should do a separate “Pinterest” Search on your name and brand every month or so, to see what others are capturing on you! I promise you will locate new websites that have showcased your works, and you didn’t even know it! Woo~Hoo!

See my own Google Search on my name + Pinterest and understand that having a Pinterest Board exponentially multiplies your social media presence.

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

Dr. Margaret Aranda and Pinterest. Note that a Google Search on my name + “Pinterest” has 48,100 results in 0.54 seconds. Scrolling through the pages shows that my name fills every entry of the first five pages. You can see here:*  There are 47 pages to this search. The moral of the story? Set up your Pinterest Board and Pin!

2. Install the Pinterest Tool Bar. The Pinterest tool bar docks on the top of your screen display. This creates great ease of hitting that button to Pin anything from virtually any website.


After a month of Pinning, do another internet search on your name or brand, and see that you’ve generated more ‘hits’ on yourself! Be sure to come back here to rave and Comment – and if you are reading this article, we can also add you to one of our 300+ Pinterest Boards! WoW!


Hold on to your hat! Proceed to the next step after you see the Pinterest icon on your tool bar.


Go here for your tool bar:


3. Go to Your Twitter Page. This is crazy fun! You’ve installed the Pinterest tool bar, right? Now go to your Twitter page. Simply hit the Pinterest tool bar symbol, and wait 5 seconds as your Pins show up! PooF!

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

Pinterest Tool Bar. Hit it on virtually any page, Pick a Pin & then … pin!

How do you like this surprise today? Did you ever know it could be so cool to Pin yourself and your friends? There’s more …

4. Pin. Happily pick your first Pin from your selections: hit SAVE. Then you are prompted to select SAVE TO, as you pick the name of your desired Pinterest Board (go ahead and make a variety of Boards later, for greatness)! There’s already a drop-down menu to help you decide which Board gets the Pin.

Your website automatically is linked to your pin.

The pin usually presents with blog or website content, so you’re good to go. I do change the Pinned words many times, just to suit my mood.

5. View Pin. Right when you Pin your first Pin, it verifies and says, “Successfully Pinned” and a “View Now” option flashes before you. It disappears quickly, so be ready to go ahead and hit “View Now.”

When you VIEW NOW, it’s your chance to re-Pin it to another Shared Board. You should re-Pin this same Pin to several different boards, if possible, because the more you widen your scope, the better chance it has to be seen. For example, if you Share this Pin 10 times, the number “10” lets everyone know that it is good for Sharing.

Pin and Share! If you want to market yourself or your products, you must Share a Board with others. It’s recommended that your Boards are 80% Shared and 20% filled with your own content – each Pin will hopefully be Shared to hundreds or even thousands of Pinterest Boards!

And the best part isn’t just showcasing and Sharing Pins… it’s this: Every time someone Pins your Pin to another Board, they have the option to also Share to Facebook and Twitter!

This is the “3-in-1 Special” I’ve been talking about for two years now! No other platform crosses over to these two social media profiles, so get creative with Pinterest and come along to Share a Board or two with us!

Choose from our Boards here:

SaySaga Inspirational:

Happy Pinning!

Which Board should you Share with us?

Email us on the top right of the Home Page!

Say, “I want to Share a Pinterest Board and my email address is ___”

– No Instructions, no separate article needed –

It’s Easy!

Keep holding on to your hat!

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Thank you for reading our writings!


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