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Everyone loves Tweeting and Re-Tweeting quotes! Quotes are derived from famous people, history, or topics like God, inspiration, motivation, success, mindfulness, family, love, and virtually every hashtag known.

Some people only Tweet words without any images, ever. Many also intersperse quotes with images along with quotes without images. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do Tweet quotes.

Go ahead and evoke happiness, sadness, inspiration, or workout motivation! You’ll see how much a picture can put a slant on the quote, too! The greatest thing to do is to just be yourself! And it is perfectly fine if you don’t want to create your own quotes or Tweets (ever), as you can have great fun by Re-Tweeting others’ Tweets. How sweet!

There are so many choices that you need to enjoy your selections of quotes! And of course, pick great pics! So let’s have a little simple fun for great enjoyment!

5 Ways to Quote on Twitter

  1. Quote only. In this option, there are no pictures (see Tweet #1 below). Micropoetry is frequently Re-Tweeted without images.
  2. Quote plus Plain Image. If you are after “Re-Tweets (RT)” instead of ‘Likes” on Twitter, those Tweets with an image may have a 313% increased chance of getting RT-d if they have an image. You can Tweet a written quote and select a matching image. See Tweet #2 below!
  3. Quote plus Quote Image. Some people write the quote, and then include an image with the quote superimposed on the image. So, the reader reads the same quote twice (see Tweet #3 below).
  4. Different words plus Quote Image. A varied way of quoting on Twitter is to say something different, using different words, inside the Tweet. Then, use the original quote stamped onto an image. This way, you are delivering two different messages and a third, overall meaning on Twitter. We love 3-for-1 Specials! See Tweet #4 below.
  5. A Long Quote. Often used when you ‘make up’ your own quote, use “…” to trail off on the character limit within the Tweet. No worries, as you have the entire quote stamped onto the image, as in Tweet #5, below!

You can try different things to see which method you like best, or tailor it to your Top Tweets and let the audience talk to you! Check out this variety pack:

TWEET #1: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein (no image)

TWEET #2: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein (plain image of a cat trying something new)

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

TWEET #3: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein (image with same quote rather sporty and basketball-ish)

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

TWEET 4: “If you want to reach new goals, start taking chances and be bold.” – Dr. Margaret Aranda (I just made up my own words to Tweet with this)

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

TWEET #5: ‘”When you have to face a storm in your life …” – by Selim Yeniceri @SelimYeniceri @U2wasp @DrMargareAranda (long, original quote stamped onto the image – I get to ‘Mention’ others for a RT-d Tweet!)

Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

Recap: “However you choose to Tweet quotes, just have fun quoting quotes!”

(Hey, was that a quote?)

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