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The Best of Twitter from SaySaga Inspirational! – Part 1

Here are three Tweets to encourage you to keep your dreams

… and Tweet them!

Follow along in this user-friendly Series to get the most from Twitter

1. Components: a quote or poem inserted in the text, with or without a matching image. Simple and ‘not wordy’ do well on Twitter, with 140 characters per Tweet. Here is an example:


(a) Write: “Keep your dreams, even if you are the only one who sees them.”

(b) Attach this image:

Margaret Aranda SaySaga InspirationalAfter this quote, I have 77 characters left, for example, so I have room to add more characters. The most ‘bang for your buck’ is to either use a #Hashgtag or to “Mention” a friend who will Re-Tweet your message – it is best to do both.

2. Mentions and Notifications. If you have a collaborator, then by all means “Mention” them directly in the Tweet (see image below). This allows the Tweet to arrive in their “Notifications.”

Just a word here. When you log on to Twitter, it takes you to your “Home” page where you see virtually everyone’s Tweets. If you wait just 1 minute, you can see that during busy moments, 200 new Tweets can arrive! So if you RT from your Home Page, that Tweet will likely disappear when you RT. To find it again to RT it so it shows up in your page, in our example, you would need to scroll down 200 Tweets to find it! That is why your Notifications are there: to spoon feed you!

Click on your Notifications tab. Here are your “Mentions.” Many times, it’s also great to “THANK” everyone who Mentioned and RT’d you – it’s polite Twitter etiquette! And, it encourages people to do the real things you want them to do – to spoon feed you great Tweets, and to RT your stuff, too! So fun! See Tweet below:


Margaret Aranda SaySaga Inspirational

  • Write: “Keep your dreams, even if you are the only one who sees them.”
  • Get emojis. Go to to find an emoji or two. Copy and paste. Here, we selected two hearts.
  • Tag Mentions.  Feel free to Tag us on your Tweet, using @themdphdisin, @SaySagaInspire, and @SelimYeniceri or @MusicBookArtist. If we can RT them, we will.
  • Add image. Then Tweet!

Here, I used 3 Mentions and no #Hashtags. That is because I know that everyone I Tagged will Re-Tweet (RT) me. Be sure and ‘engage’ with your Twitter friends so you both RT one another’s Tweets. That’s the fun of Twitter – talking and sharing back and forth.

3. Use #Hashtags. Don’t forget to use at least one, if not two hashtags in every Tweet, blog, or post on social media. At SaySaga Inspirational, we regularly see top social media Tweets that have 3 – 5 hashtags, so go ahead and use them.

After all, it’s great to write or post, but we need others to read it, and a hashtag is the way to do it. We like this website that tells you which hashtags to use to be seen “now” in the color green, with long-term Tweet views pictured in blue. To discover good hashtags to use in real time, go here: Use Mentions and hashtags in a Tweet:


  • Write: “Keep your dreams, even if you are the only one who sees them.”  @SaySagaInspire @BookMusicArtist #quotes #life #success #MondayMotivation
  • Insert image.
  • Tweet!

Margaret Aranda SaySaga InspirationalYou can do this! Have fun and tweet us your Tweets – use: @SaySagaInspire at and @BookMusicArtist

Recap:  Quotes and poems are always popular on Twitter. Tag others in a Mention, RT what they send you in your Notifications, and use the best hashtags in real time!

# # #


Thank you for reading our writings!


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The Best of Twitter from SaySaga Inspirational!

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